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Bosque Verde´s purpose is to create an experience for all who visit, whether from our local area or further afield. We invite you to experience the benefits of the vibrant and calming energy of the Quinta da Ribeira, set in the valley of the beautiful River Seia.

We hold a shared vision of building and creating a harmonious community for learning, healing, relaxing, and celebration. As such we welcome all, whether attending one of our events, volunteering on the land or staying for a few days or longer to absorb what this sacred land offers. 

All our workshops and events have a focus on working in harmony with the land, learning from nature, and creating peace within. We offer a unique and joyful experience for all our visitors.

One way we achieve this is through working closely with the land. Using the principles of Permaculture we work with the rhythms of nature and cycles of the Moon. We are also passionate about building with ecology and sustainability in mind, using solar power and we are developing other means such as hydro-electricity.


We welcome volunteers to help us in all facets of the project and are employing local tradesmen where possible, forging links with the surrounding community. 

A rich and diverse landscape, the land at Bosque Verde has been worked for many generations, and after slumbering for a long period has begun to re-awaken.

The stunning River Seia... a cleansing and healing flow edging the land

April over the dam
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