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The Vision

Our shared vision is to create a sanctuary; a place to unwind and come into harmony with the land and self. Over time we will provide places to learn about harmonious living, eco-building, places to come together in ceremony and celebration, and provide a slice of New Earth where harmony with Mother Earth and Source are key. 


The Land

Prior to purchase, no one had lived at the Quinta for at least 30 years with only hunters, fishermen and a shepherd visiting. Slowly the land is being loved and nourished, following the cycles of nature, to provide a place for all to enjoy it's beauty.

With over 50 hectares (130 acres) zoned as ecological  and forest, we have a variety of landscape with large granite boulders, regenerating oak woodland and pine ridges. It is bound to the North by the river Seia with over one kilometre of frontage containing alder, oak and mimosa. Perfect for a mid day dip!

It is intended to re-afforest suitable parts of the site. This will be with predominantly native species in a mixed woodland - 70% deciduous, 30% evergreen. In addition it is planned to create a chestnut coppice and some zones for one or two forestry species. Re-planting the river bank is another priority as a long period of neglect has led to significant erosion.  

The plan is to create cabins at different locations on the site, these will connected by pathways through the forest, the granite stones and along the river bank. The cabins will be constructed using different alternative techniques. They will be available for visitors to stay in our peaceful, beautiful and rejuvenating natural setting . 

Along the river there is also an old stone bridge which is now incomplete, and three effective barrages as well as several rapids where older dams once stood- testament to the countless generations that sculpted and worked this land. There are also several hundred metres of levadas (water channels) from the barrages, which would have once been used to irrigate the land and to power watermills.


The deeds show one such mill, which is in the process of being re-built. It is planned  to clean and re-activate the levadas.  There are several natural swimming pools to be  cleaned and access improved.    

We are enjoying creating and enlarging existing edible gardens in keeping with our permaculture principles, to provide a variety of fruit and vegetables for those working on or visiting the site.

Communal Space

Two geo-domes are already nestled into the landscape. They have been used for Shamanics in Portugal workshops, and in early September 2016 we will see the unfolding of the communal living area, which will be built during the Reciprocal Roof building events. It will be made using mimosa felled on the site.  

Following that we will build a clay oven as the core of the communal  kitchen area.

We have onsite our compost "Pooh Palace", and the communal shower block is well under way! There are plentiful quiet glades in which to camp, and many volunteers and friends have already nestled in amongst the trees enjoying the peace of Bosque Verde. To view more of our progress visit Bosque Verde  on Facebook.


As for indigneous nature, we have seen buzzards, Sparrow-hawks, kingfishers, otters, wild boar and countless small lizards and snakes, and plentiful bees and insects... over time we will widen the variety of flora to encourage wildlife to make Bosque Verde their home!  

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