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Our Shamanic courses are run in conjunction with Shamanics in Portugal who are Suzi, Steve and Gregory. Click here for We hold a safe space in which to explore what can be called the non-ordinary realms.


Using the ancient methods of drumming, toning and rattling, we teach participants the art of journeying, an ancient method through which we explore the other realms and gain insight for the self and to connect with Spirit Guides.

To find out future events please connect with Shamanics in Portugal here!

Upcoming workshops:

Vision Quest - 22-25th September - find our more HERE!

Participants learn to journey, connecting with a Spirit Animal who wishes to guide them through their Vision Quest. Participants then take time to set intentions about what they wish to seek guidance on during the Quest.

Then, into nature we go, finding a place that calls to our soul, we take solace from the busy Western life, and spend time in solitude, connecting with our self, the spirits of nature around us, and listen to the messages that are ready to speak with us.

Other workshops include:

Introduction to Shamanism

What is Shamanism? Why is it still current? How to I connect to Spirit Guides? Come and explore your own abilities to connect with the Spirit Realm, and gain insights and tools for your own soul path!

Working with the Ancestors

Learn how to recognise familial traits and patterns and work with your ancestors to heal family lines, clear energetic contracts and move forward on your own soul path. 

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