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As our communtiy grows, so do the people we work with! 

Gregory Reece-Smith, founder member of Bosque Verde, and father of Duncan and Gavin is an international author and transformation facilitator who works with both individuals and companies to help bring about change, and for their potential to be acheived. 


He is founder of "Creating Harmony in Your Life" and you can find out more here about his work, or to book a personal session.

Gregory and Caroline live nearby at Quinta da Luz, and offer B and B, and various courses of their own! If you feel drawn to attend a workshop but would like a comfy bed rather than a tent stay, book a stay online here!

Caroline Marya new member of the Bosque Verde team offers intuitive healing massage, channeling energy and messages from the Spirit world, and runs Ecstatic Awakening Dance, Voice and drumming here to find out more 

Fran Moulder, friend and yoga teacher of all at Bosque Verde, will offer classes and retreats when we have our communal space up and running... for further information on her beautiful Yoga classes, see here.

If you are interested in purchasing property in the Serra de Estrella area, you might like to check out Pure Portugal, and stay at Quinta da Luz while you look around...

If you are interested in the growing Serra De Estrella Community, why not join us on their facebook group here !

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